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 It may be that when we no longer know what to do, We have come to our real work, And when we no longer know which way to go, We have begun our real journey ... The impeded stream is the one that sings.

  ~ Wendell Berry

The connection we have with ourselves is integral to how we relate to self and others and how we perceive life's challenges and the world around us. There are times when life can knock us off balance leaving us feeling disconnected, confused, fearful, depressed, lost or anxious. These difficult times are often a call for a more authentic and expansive life that wants to emerge, leading us into a time of transition in our lives. 

Psychotherapy can help us mindfully navigate and integrate these transitional times while cultivating and maintaining an authentic connection with self and others, enabling us to weather the turbulence these times often create. Psychotherapy is about facilitating greater wholeness and resilience. In therapy we work to bring about authentic self-connection and a deeper self-understanding by bringing a compassionate awareness to those difficult transitions, limiting patterns and perceptions, and interpersonal difficulties that impact our quality of life. The mindful presence, insight and self-awareness gained can be invaluable in promoting a sense of well being and a meaningful transformation of those challenging times and essential connections. We proceed at your pace, working in ways that are best suited to you.  

Self-acceptance is a kind of courage, a quiet courage.  It means meeting life with who we are completely, being open to how we're shaped in the same way the shore is shaped by the surf.    - Mark Nepo

If you feel I can be of assistance you can request a no-charge initial consultation (20 minutes), or make an appointment for a full session.